Video Conferencing


Our video conferencing systems services let you work closely with your remote employees, partners and customers on projects.

Video collaboration features are particularly robust, with synchronized playback so that everyone is on the same page during the process. Users can leave notes directly on images and video frames, track feedback from multiple users and work either in real time together or separately at their convenience..

Main Types of usages

1) Conference
2) Remote Education
3) Person to Person
4) Person to Multiple
All for meeting / Remote advising / counseling / problem resolution / training

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1. Hiring / Leasing Video COnferencing Services
2. MCS Video-On-Demand Services (MCS-V)
3. Point-2-Point Conferencing System
4. Point-2-Multipoint Conferencing System
5. Government to Government Conferencing System (higher encryption level)
6. Training School Conferencing System
7. Employee Training Conferencing System
8. Sales and Marketing Team Conferencing System
9. Civil Servants Conferencing System
10. Oil and Gas Team Conferencing System
11. Financial Services Team Conferencing System (higher encryption level)
12. Shareholders and Investors Conferencing System
13. Project and Contract Conferencing System
14. Human Resources Team Conferencing System
15. Maintenance Team Conferencing System
16. Military Services Video Conferencing (higher encryption level)