Digital library is concerned with that body of knowledge relating to the collection, organization, storage, distribution, retrieval, and utilization of digital information. Digital libraries basically store materials in electronic format and manipulate large collections of those materials effectively..

Hisplus E-library Services are three types
1. Hisplus-elibrary SAAS: Shared Services
2. Dedicated Services
3. Cloud SAAS


Hisplus dedicated elibrary service includes
1. Design
2. Development
3. Installation
4. Implementation
5. Mobile Integration
6. Digitization of materials (optional)...

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Below contains the basic and advance featured in the elibrary solutions.

    3. Admin
    5. Search by Group
    6. Browse by Group
    7. Browse Subject categories
    12. Login and Register
    13. Content Management System
    14. External Resources Search Engine integration
    15. Desktop Integration
    16. User Subscription
    17. Books inventory
    18. Online Reservation of Books
    19. Lending Books
    20. Returning Books
    21. Bar Code Scanning Integration
    22. Organization: Indexing
    23. Database selection / classification of all the materials
    24. Query formulations and reformulations
    25. Search features
    26. Help system

Featured Services

    1. elibrary Digitization Services
    2. elibrary OCR integration
    3. digital formating and mapping
    4. Cataloging and Information Transcribing
    5. elibrary Mobile Apps
    6. Sticky notes functionality
    7. Voice memo for speech recording
    8. Integrated Notepad