Hisplus Biometrics Solutions

The Present, the Challenge

Nigeria of today is faced with the growing concerns about the security and there have been threat to life and properties by terrorist attacks, encroachment on military installations and identity theft to perpetrate nefarious activities. In order to ensure the identity and verification of military personnel and also that only authorized officers are allowed access to secured locations (virtual or physical), military installations, military postings and offices or controlled areas, our constant research has given birth to biometrics systems with impressive application in this direction.

The Solution

A new age of Identity Authentication has arrived. Plastic ID cards, paper forms, multiple passwords and pins are being replaced with Biometrics. Hisplus Systems Limited introduces System Hisplus Integrated Automated Identification Biometrics System (HIAIBS) for registration, identification and verification processes. It uses face scan and all the ten fingerprints scan to ensure high level of accuracy for identification. Our biometric technology authenticates an individual's identity automatically and has automatic fingerprint identification, which matches a fingerprint taken with a print from a database.

This technology can capture, with a reasonable degree of accuracy prints and compare them against databases for identification. Our technology uses facial features to compile profiles of military personnel and compare them against existing databases. Our biometrics that is locally developed can also be in any Nigerian Language.


Areas of Applications

  1. Civil Servant Identification Processing / Time and Attendant Management.
  2. Physical Access Control
  3. Border, Airport and Immigration Control
  4. Justice and Law Enforcement
  5. Healthcare Biometrics
  6. Mobile Biometrics

Areas of Applications
1. For identification processes for security reasons.
2. For verification processes.
3. For registration purposes
4. For access control.
5 Terrorist Identification
6 To protect military bases and monitor inmates at detention centers
7. Registration, Verification and Identification of "watch list" of suspects
8. Using biometrics to hire and maintain military workforce
9. Military Integrated Automated Identification Biometrics System will help troops verify employees and identify prisoners' past crimes and affiliations .etc

other Areas

Biometrics, Fingerprint, Facial recognition in
** Payroll Access
** Fingerprint Lock
** Door Fingerprint #Lock
** Professional Access Control
** Accounting Management
** Human Resources Management
** Customer Relationship Management
** Suppliers Management
** Security Identification #Management
** Access Control
** Identification Management
** Time Management
** School Management
** Project Management
** Registraion Control


How it works
1. Enrollment Station Module
2. Server Management System.
3. Multi-biometric Matching Engine
4. Mobile Matching Engine

Identification and Verification System: This is for registration with different criterial ranging from personal profile like age, height, colour (eyes, hair, body), LGA, state, tribal marks, Blood group, face shape and other special attributes

Face and fingerprints( 1 – 10) scan registration system.

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